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Sell My Business

Want to sell your business? We will give you a professional assessment and valuation and would gladly sell your business for you. Our team of business brokers are waiting for you. We have various buyers ready, we advertise on various mediums like the internet and newspapers. We have about 5000 buyers on our database at any given point in time and will market your business to them for you.

How does it Work?

Sell My Business!

Ok to answer the most common question asked by most people we will try and explain it up front.Sell My Business

Are these one of your questions?

  • How does  it work?
  • How much does it costs to advertise? 
  • Do I pay a fee to be listed?
  • I have a business for sale would you be interested in selling it?

We are Business Brokers and we deliver a professional service to our customers. We work on a commission basis that we earn ONCE YOUR BUSINESS is SOLD.  We advertise in various mediums for you at NO COST to you.  All prospective buyers FIRST undergo a screening process before ANY sensitive information is disclosed to them. 

We assist with the whole process until your business is sold. Once sold we earn our commission. If not sold we earn nothing. No risk, no upfront fees and a professional team to assist you through the whole process.  So selling your business becomes as important to us as it is to you.


The normal process are as follows. We MANDATE your business by visiting you and completing a detailled MANDATE FORM.  With this information we are prepared for prospective buyers with adequate and accurate information.  We also VALUE YOUR BUSINESS for you at this stage.


In the event that we can not visit you due to distance and/or time constraints we can also email you the mandate form and you can complete it before returning it to us.  We would still endeavour to visit you at the earliest opportunity.  This will however get your business listed for free and in the eye of prospective buyers as soon as possible.

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    One Of Our Brokers Will Be In Touch

Businesses Wanted
Business TypeBusiness DescriptionAreaDetails
Biltong Shop NeededBiltong shop required by a cash buyer up to R500,000Pretoria EastIf you have a Biltongshop in Pretoria East and would like to sell, please contact us.
Filling Station WantedFilling Station wanted with groundPretoriaWe have cash buyers looking for a filling station with ground, without ground, branded, non branded. 40 BUYERS ON WAITING LIST
Sell My Manufacturing BusinessA manufacturing business wanted by this buyer. Looking from R1.6m cash all the way up to R6m, financed. Gauteng, West RandIf you have a profitable manufacturing business, especially aligned to shop fitting this client is a good match
Sell My Liquor StoreLiquor Store below R500,000PretoriaWe have various registered buyers waiting for the liquorstore you want to sell. Prove the income and profits and you have a sale.
Sell my SPARSPAR wanted.Pretoria, Johannesburg North, GautengBuyers waiting for the right SPAR to come on the market. Profits of R200,000pm and a price of R5m + Stock for a quick sale.
Barber Shop WantedBarber Shop in a busy areaPretoriaWe have buyers looking for the right barber shop in Pretoria. Have one ready for us?
Sell My Coffee ShopMugg and Bean wantedJohannesburg North, PretoriaThis buyer is looking for your Mugg and Bean. Standing ready to buy it.
Any Business For SaleAny business except retail making R4m profit per yearJohannesburg This buyer is looking for a business generating the right profit, for a PE of 2 with room to grow. Access to R20m in cash.
Sell My PubPub wantedPretoriaWe have buyers ready to buy your pub. From as little as R250,000 to R950,000 wanted asap
Hardware Store WantedAny business operating in SUPPLYING hardware stores or Construction industryNationalThis buyer is expanding his operation. Do you have a business for us?
Manufacturing Business WantedAny light manufacturing business wanted for this buyerGautengThis buyer wants to spend anything up to R4m for a good business
Motor Industry Business NeededAny business supplying components or product to the motor industryGautengBuyer is looking for a business in this market space
Hospital Coffeeshop WantedCoffeeshop in any hospital in Pretoria wanted by this cash buyerPretoriaThis buyer is looking for a Hospital Coffeeshop
Pretoria East Business Required For SaleAny business in Pretoria EAST wanted by various buyersPRETORIA EASTWe have various buyers in various price ranges always wanting a Pretoria East business
Investment Business RequiredWe have various investors looking to invest in a good businessGautengInvestors with various funds and/or activity level looking for the right business to invest in.
Upmarket Restaurant WantedUpmarket Restaurant in Pretoria East required for this buyer.Pretoria EastBusinesses wanted for sale in Pretoria East only. Must be existing upmarket Restaurant or vacant lot for experienced operator. Want to sell your restaurant? Contact us today
Accounting Business For SaleAny accounting business wanted for various buyersNational We have various buyers on standby that want to enlarge their client base. We also have various buyers wanting to buy an accounting practice. If you plan to sell your accounting business contact us today. 300 BUYERS ON WAITING LIST
Sell my Bottlestore Any Bottlestore Wanted In Pretoria.Pretoria, Johannesburg North, GautengAny bottlestore wanted in Pretoria. We also have various clients in different price brackets looking for businesses for sale in the rest of Gauteng.
Car Wash WantedCar Washes Needed GautengWe have various buyers looking to buy a car wash. If you want to sell your car wash give us a call today. We will give you a free valuation and offer it to one of our clients
Petrol Stations WantedWe have a waiting list of 60 buyers ready to buy your Petrol Station. Time for you to sell your Petrol Station? Don't go look for a buyer for your petrol station we have them lined upCountry WideWe have buyers for small stations to large station, without land, with land. Also WHOLESALERS needed. Contact us today
Liquor Store WantedLiquor Store Wanted for a buyer willing to pay up to R5 million for the right businessGauteng but also other parts of the country will be consideredCash buyer looking for a Liquor Store
Sell a Filling StationWe have a waiting list of buyers for your filling station. Ready to sell your filling station?CountrywideSelling Filling Stations is a complex transaction with DME license, landlords, oil companies, fuel gurantees, stock on consignmetn or not, sub leases, BEE etc. Don't worry we will help you through the process
Hospital Coffee Shop WantedHospital coffee shop wanted in Pretoria. We always have cients looking for a hospital coffee shop. Let us help you sell your coffee shopPretoria 
Accounting Practice WantedBookkeeping Practice Wanted anywhere is South AfricaSourh AfricaAccounting and Bookkeeping firms are a specialist's transaction. We sell more firms than anybody in SOuth Africa, let us please help
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Advice to sell my business

Most common problem for businesses not selling is “price, price, price!”" 

You always understood price was important, but want to know why?  Read More

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