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Supply and Service of Fire Extinguishers
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Business For Sale


Supply and Service of Fire Extinguishers and Health and Safety Equipment with S.A.N.A.S. accreditation and SABS approval, the business is properly structured with all appropriate management and staff in place thereby freeing the owners to an oversight role. The business has excellent growth potential by adding new services such as Fire Sprinklers as well as training and existing work can be increased with the addition of extra equipment. All Financial information is in place and available.


  Selling Price     8,500,000   Turn Over Per Month     1,402,685 
  Stock Included 200,000    Profit Per Month 194,257
  Assets Included  300,000   R.O.I %  27%
  Total Price   8,500,000    

 History and Overview Of The Business
Fully describe the business's activities  Service & Supply of Fire Extinguishers as well as Health and Safety Equipment. The company specialises in a specific area as well and has received S.A.N.A.S accreditation therefore back in 2003 already, the company is also SABS approved and has carried appropriate Mark since 1992.

The company services all approved portable fire equipment and offers new equipment as well as advice to their clients. The company has various service teams that operate out of fully equipped vehicles on the road in addition to a fully equipped workshop with qualified personnel.

All Technicians are fully qualified and registered as competent persons with the South African Qualification & Certification Committee (S.A.Q.C.C. Fire)

The business is also a long term member of the Fire Fighting Traders Association of South Africa (F.F.E.T.A.)
When was the business established? The business has been in operation for 48 years and has gained an extensive client base ranging from the big corporates to the corner cafe. Service excellence results in repeat clients.
How long has the owner had the business? 5 Years but been in the business 15 years
 How Does The Business Operate
How does the business operate on a daily basis The business is fully staffed and run by the staff with the owners performing a purely oversight function
How are the clients attracted to the business? Clients are attracted by the Service Integrity, Honesty, Good Workmanship and Good products of the business
What Advertising/Marketing is carried out? Combination of Google Ad Words, Website and Facebook
Does the business have any contract work? No only contract prices
What competition exists? Various competitors in the market
Seasonal Trends? Clients require Pressure Testing every 5 years, Change of Powder every 10 Years and Hydro testing every 10 years
 Financial Information
Vat Registered? Yes
Vat Documentation on File? All returns are on file with the seller
Management Accounts? Yes, use Pastel
Audited Financials? 2017, 2018 is available and audited, Management accounts to current
What as Cash/Credit Split? The bulk of the business is EFT with a very small cash percentage and some 30 day clients
Debtors Book Age Analisys 180 Days
How can you improve the profitability? Improve turn around time by bringing in a 2nd test machine which will increase the customer base and allowing the inspector to test more cylinders.
 Is Seller Finance available and if so what is it? No
   Staffing Of the Business
What is the total number of Staff? 34
Staff Breakdown 5 - 6 Staff have 15-25 Years Service
7-22 Staff have 5-14 Years service
Balance of Staff have 1-5 Years service
Staff Special Perks and Bonuses? Yes
Are the staff on Contract? Yes all staff are
Does any of the staff have management potential? Yes and also in place
How involved is the Owner in running the business? Likes to know whats going on but the business can run without the seller
  Premises Of the Business
When Does the Current Lease ends? Lease is renewed on an annual basis however the seller also owns the building in a different enitity and there is the option to also acquire the premises.
Is there an option to renew? Yes, currently rental agreement is yearly
What is the annual escalation % To be negotiated between the parties
What are the Trading Hours? 07:30-17:00 Monday to Thursday
07:30-15:30 Friday
What is the square meters? 1,115m²
Is a copy of the lease available? Yes
Do You require a license? Yes - SABS and S.A.N.A.S.
 Assets Of The Business
Full Asset List available? Assets list will be made available to potential buyers
 Anything not included in the sale? No
 What is condition of the assets Mostly well looked after
 Any Assets on Lease/HP that Buyer needs to take over? One vehicle is on HP
 Are they insured at the moment? Yes everything is insured
  SWOT Of The Business
 STRENGTHS The business has a large foot print in the industry and is well known
The business is manager run with all staff in place
S.A.N.A.S. allows the business to provide a service the competitors cannot offer which results in numerous smaller companies bringing work into the business.
 WEAKNESSES Currently can not do sprinkler systems
 OPPORTUNITIES Adding new divisions to the business such as Sprinkler Systems and Training in addition to expanding the number of service teams on the road. Adding an additional machine will enable quicker turnaround and therefore more capacity and growth.
 THREATS Small fly by night stealing clients for a "Cheap Service"
Why is this a good business Very well established with loyal and knowledgeable staff. The company is well run and shows good profits.
Why is the owner selling it? The seller is immigrating

Business For Sale,Businesses For Sale,Sales,Service,Maintenance,Fire Extinguisher,Health and Safety,Equipment,Fire Industry,Manufacturing,Gauteng Business For Sale

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