Accounting Practice For Sale,Accounting Business For Sale,Bookkeeping Business For Sale,Accounting Clients For Sale
The Current Market
Accounting Practices are normally in high demand and scarce.  This should demand a higher price as a result, however buyers of these businesses are accountants that are cautious by nature.  More important the price of these businesses are under huge pressure because the accounting clients normally are loyal to the selling accountant.  Thus although high in demand and sought after be aware that the price will have to accommodate the cautious nature of the specialist buyers and the high risk of the client base that are sold.  

Normally CONFIDENCE around these business types are HIGH.

Multiples around these types of businesses are currently R0.50 to R1.40 paid for every R1.00 of annual turnover.  This obviously is dependent on various factors specific to each business.  Contact us for a consultation.

Accounting Practice For Sale,Accounting Business For Sale,Bookkeeping Business For Sale,Accounting Clients Business For Sale
Why Sell Using Us?

Accounting Practice For Sale Benefit

We are the largest marketer of Accounting Practices in South Africa.  We sell more practices than any other brokerage on the continent.  We routinely surprise the sellers with the speed we do it at and with the prices we do get for them compared to what staff or another accountants were willing to pay


Buyer Benefits

Accounting Practice Buyers

 We have hundreds of Buyers in our database, many of them repeat buyers. If you are not in our database you are missing out.  Do the wise thing if you plan to buy a practice and get onto the database as well.  The repeat buyers can speak for the benefit of using us. 


Value Your Practice

Accounting Practice Valuation

Why don't you let us value your practice?  Want an idea of what your practice might sell for? Fill out a simple questionnaire for a no-obligation idea of what your practice will sell for.  Ensure you get paid a market value for that in-house deal.  It is always good to know where your stand in the market for planning your future.  


Accounting Practices For Sale
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Ref No Description Area Price Turn pm Profit pm Show Detail Business For Sale
R130505 Tax Practice Established 300+ Client Base For Sale East Rand 195,000 18,750 16,875 Business For Sale Profile
R100603 Accounting Practice with clients on Retainer Johannesburg North 200,000 15,000 12,000 Business For Sale Profile
R170203 Accounting Clients In Freestate Town For Sale Free State 200,000 34,891 15,954 Business For Sale Profile
R190205 Accounting Clients In Pretoria East For Sale Pretoria East 250,000 16,883 14,167
R180406 Accounting Clients For Sale - PMB Pietermaritzburg 300,000 20,154 16,779
R150203 Franchised Accounting Practice In Pretoria For Sale Pretoria East 330,000 12,000 8,300 Business For Sale Profile
R180303 Fast Growing Accounting Practice Pretoria Pretoria 350,000 29,176 19,932
R150103 Accounting Practice Client Base For Sale Johannesburg North 495,000 38,333 34,333 Business For Sale Profile
R999999 Accounting practice with 40 Clients Johannesburg North 495,000 26,500 23,000 Business For Sale Profile
A140206 Accounting Practice Business Client Base In Pretoia Pretoria East 500,000 50,000 35,000
R150308 Accounting Practice In Freestate Town For Sale Free State 550,000 45,000 11,640 Business For Sale Profile
R180405 Accounting Practice For Sale in Eastern Cape Town Eastern Cape / South Freestate 550,000 59,833 27,222 Business For Sale Profile
R170405 Accounting Practice In Cape Town For Sale Cape Town 595,000 41,129 30,634 Business For Sale Profile
R130603 Base of 80 Accounting Clients For Sale Pretoria East 600,000 55,973 34,445 Business For Sale Profile
R170201 KZN Midlands Accounting Practice For Sale KZN Midlands 625,000 55,637 28,730 Business For Sale Profile
R180304 Well Established Accounting Firm in Ladysmith KZN Berg Region 700,000 56,126 25,267 Business For Sale Profile
R180804 Bookkeeping Practice In Durban For Sale Durban 750,000 52,083 41,600
R090708 Accounting Practice Pretoria East 790,000 51,000 38,992
R190204 Accounting Practice In Mbabane For Sale Swaziland 825,000 69,128 54,378 Business For Sale Profile
R180803 New Generation Accounting Practice In Centurion Centurion 825,000 54,904 32,454
R190302 Accounting Clients In Pretoria East & Vaal Triangle For Sale Pretoria East 850,000 61,500 25,667
R150702 Accounting Practice In Pietermaritzburg For Sale Pietermaritzburg 850,000 67,964 57,964 Business For Sale Profile
R150504 Established Accounting Practice In Johannesburg East East Rand 950,000 52,000 40,000 Business For Sale Profile
R160904 Long Established Accounting Practice In Cape Town For Sale Cape Town 995,000 61,877 36,056 Business For Sale Profile
R180307 Urgent Sale Of Accounting Firm In Edenvale Edenvale 1,000,000 81,675 50,594 Business For Sale Profile
R160605 Accounting Practice Retainer Business Clients For Sale East Rand 1,100,000 60,868 50,868 Business For Sale Profile
R170905 Pietermaritzburg Accounting Clients For Sale Pietermaritzburg 1,200,000 71,235 62,088 Business For Sale Profile
R170904 BEE SAIPA Accounting Practice For Sale Johannesburg 1,200,000 100,000 58,333 Business For Sale Profile
R171002 Accounting Clients For Sale In Johannesburg Johannesburg 1,250,000 75,000 43,500 Business For Sale Profile
R150307 Accounting Practice With 100 Business Clients Pretoria 1,350,000 90,500 85,000 Business For Sale Profile
R161207 Accounting Practice In Southern Suburbs Of Cape Town Cape Town 1,400,000 83,869 62,460 Business For Sale Profile
R160408 Established Vaal Triangle Accounting Practice For Sale Vaal Triangle 1,450,000 81,734 69,402
A140603 East Rand Accounting And Bookkeeping Practice For Sale East Rand 1,500,000 82,499 65,292
R171005 Accounting Practice In Sandton For Sale Sandton 1,600,000 102,797 44,667 Business For Sale Profile
R170101 Established East Rand Accounting Practice For Sale East Rand 1,900,000 120,468 70,468
R160208 Auditing And Accounting Practice In Johannesburg North For Sale Johannesburg North 2,195,000 151,375 75,042 Business For Sale Profile
R170605 Accounting Practice In Fourways For Sale Johannesburg 2,200,000 131,448 50,961 Business For Sale Profile
R180402 Accounting Practice For Sale in Richards Bay Richards Bay 2,400,000 172,567 81,602 Business For Sale Profile
R180901 Well Established Accounting Firm For Sale In Bellville Bellville 2,400,000 145,494 123,927 Business For Sale Profile
R170808 Once In In Lifetime Opportunity For IRBA Partner East Rand 2,500,000 2,000,000 Business For Sale Profile
R180305 Accounting Firm For Sale In Pretoria East Pretoria 2,500,000 155,512 103,306 Business For Sale Profile
A140601 Established Accounting Practice In Durban Durban 2,650,000 167,232 83,972
R180702 Established Accounting Practice In Middelburg Middelburg 2,900,000 268,201 68,808
R180601 Accounting Practice For Sale In Cape Peninsula Cape Town 3,200,000 244,370 117,066 Business For Sale Profile
R140902 Established SAIPA Practice With Business Clients For Sale Vaal Triangle 3,300,000 246,490 87,553 Business For Sale Profile
A140207 Accounting Practice of 100 Business Clients In Mpumalanga Mpumalanga 3,500,000 251,409 179,678
R180306 Accounting Firm & FM Contracts In Cape Town & Johannesburg Johannesburg / Cape Town 3,500,000 219,907 89,907
R170602 Accounting Practice With Staff In North West For Sale North West 3,950,000 237,090 127,395 Business For Sale Profile
R180802 Audit Practice In Centurion For Sale Centurion 4,000,000 266,667 150,000 Business For Sale Profile
R190301 Accounting Firm In Pretoria East For Sale Pretoria East 4,000,000 245,009 170,969
R180811 Established Accounting Practice In Durbanville Cape Town 4,250,000 310,000 132,000 Business For Sale Profile
R170406 IRBA Auditing Firm For Sale Centurion 4,900,000 383,333 220,333 Business For Sale Profile
R190401 Accounting Firm For Sale In Kempton Park East Rand 4,950,000 329,054 148,817
R180701 Established Accounting Practice In Pretoria East Pretoria 5,400,000 497,614 115,535
R190103 Established Accounting Firm For Sale In Boksburg East Rand 5,600,000 387,627 204,380 Business For Sale Profile
R170802 Established Xero Accounting Practice For Sale Johannesburg North 6,500,000 402,994 109,584 Business For Sale Profile
R151002 Accounting Practice With An Innovative Edge For Sale Cape Town 7,250,000 639,847 154,113 Business For Sale Profile
R170402 Retainer Based Fast Growing Accounting Practice For Sale Pretoria 7,500,000 458,333 183,333 Business For Sale Profile
R171004 IRBA and Accounting Practices For Sale. East Rand 9,250,000 733,614 304,949
R190105 Specialist Accounting Firm For Sale in East Rand East Rand 12,800,000 916,000 378,750
R160208 Established Auditing Practice In Eastern Cape For Sale Eastern Cape 14,950,000 1,144,582 716,493 Business For Sale Profile
R180407 Established Accounting Practice For Sale in Durban Area Durban 16,000,000 1,292,528 484,053
R150605 Highly Profitable Auditing Firm For Sale Gauteng 21,950,000 1,325,000 625,000 Business For Sale Profile
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